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What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – July 28, 2014 (7/28/2014) - Last week's economic news brought several housing-related reports, which indicated varying results in terms of gauging the economic recovery.
The 7 Most Unaffordable Cities for Real Estate in the USA (And 3 Affordable Gems!) (7/25/2014) - As prices continue to rise across the board with everything from food to gas, it's no wonder that real estate prices are high in many cities across the USA.
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National Association of REALTORS Existing Home Sales Exceed Projections (7/23/2014) - According to the National Association of REALTORS, existing home sales surpassed both May sales and expectations for June.
Is Now the Time to Consider a 15-Year Mortgage? Five Reasons to Give the 15Y Another Look (7/22/2014) - A 15-year fixed mortgage is, as its name suggests, a mortgage that's paid off after 15 years. Since it amortizes fully, after that amount of time you won't have to pay anything else. This type of mortgage has a lot of benefits, and in this article we'll share just a few of them.
What’s Ahead For Mortgage Rates This Week – July 21, 2014 (7/21/2014) - Last week's economic news offered a variety of indications that the economic recovery continues, but some readings missed their expected levels. The Philadelphia and New York branches of the Federal Reserve Bank reported higher than anticipated manufacturing for their respective regions and new jobless claims were lower than expected.
Buying a House or Condo? Why the Home Inspection Process is One You Won’t Want to Skimp On (7/18/2014) - Once you have found that perfect home with the right price and every little feature you were hoping for, it's important to keep in mind that the home has been presented in a way that accentuates its highlights and shadows any flaws. For this reason, it is crucial that you get a home inspection before completing a purchase.
An Insider’s Guide to Reducing Your Remaining Mortgage Years Through a Smart Refinance (7/17/2014) - Is it always the best idea to pay off a mortgage over 30 years? While it may help a homeowner lower his or monthly payment, it can mean paying more in interest and waiting several more years to build sufficient equity in the home.
How Much is Your Home Worth in Today’s Market? Three Key Tips for Assessing Value (7/16/2014) - If you're thinking about putting the house on the market, or are simply curious about its value in the current economic atmosphere, it's essential to get an honest assessment of its value.
Three Ways That Your Credit Score Affects Your Mortgage (and Your Chance of Obtaining One!) (7/15/2014) - Credit scores control so much of what we do in the world of finances, but what does your credit score really have to do with your mortgage? Here are three ways that your credit score could impact your mortgage application.
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